May 21, 2020

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Thank you for your continuous effort in our operation at DYNA-MIG! For general updates regarding operation during the COVID-19 pandemic, please use the Associate Login feature.

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Our Products

DYNA-MIG is a leading Canadian automotive components manufacturer and supplier. Our products include:


Sub-frames offer a support structure for the engine, drivetrain, as well as front and rear suspension systems.


DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. produces several different Lower Control Arms, Upper Control Arms and Links.


DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. welds and assembles clutch
and brake pedal assemblies for various models utilizing stamping
components supplied by our F&P sister companies.


DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. has over 20 years of experience in cold forging utilizing two 300T Sakamura  BPF-650 forming machines and one 320T National Machinery Formax XXV former added in 2014. 


DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. produces several white body weld assemblies such as Panels, Rails, Fenders, Wheel Housings, and Upper Tie Bar.


DYNA-MIG supports OEM customers with e-coating and packaging of aftermarket Body Panel Service parts.

Our Global Network

F-Tech Locations

DYNA-MIG is part of the F-Tech family. Our network stretches across the globe, with affiliates located in Canada, Japan, USA, Mexico, China, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Our international partners collaborate to ensure maximum efficiency and a support system that benefits our production and ultimately our customers.
Our Locations

Our Manufacturing Capabilities


The New Model Group of DYNA-MIG, A
Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. has successfully demonstrated their
project management and engineering abilities to support the development
of complex assemblies from design concept to mass production.


The Quality Test Lab of DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. is able to provide process validation from development stages right through to mass production. 


Our welding department utilizes several technologies to fuse metal stampings, nuts, studs and pipe in the manufacturing of automotive suspension and body assemblies.


DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. operates
 an Electro-deposition (e-coat) paint system to service our OEM and
several Tier One suppliers with painted product that will exceed their
corrosion specification requirements.


We have the experience and
capabilities in brake and clutch assemblies, bushing insertion of link
and suspension arms, as well as ball joint pressing.


Cold forging technology that utilizes two Sakamura BPF-650 (300T) forming machines to produce inner pipe for bushings as well as weld collars for structural support

Recent Awards


Honda Supplier Performance Award

Certificate of Excellence-for-web

Certificate of Excellence Platinum Supplier Status


Toyota Certificate of Achievement (Quality)


Demonstrating our commitment to excellence, we have received many awards and certifications over the years.



The people within our team are the driving force behind everything we do.
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