Quality Assurance


The Quality Test Lab of DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. is able to provide process validation from development stages right through to mass production. 

These capabilities include:

(CMM) Coordinate Measuring Machine

Used for confirmation of product dimensional accuracy. The CMM can be used manually with the operation of a joystick or computer programmed to measure the physical dimensions of all of our products. 


Macro Testing

Allows us to qualify the geometry and general condition of the GMAW (MIG welding). Our technicians look for weld penetration, leg and throat as well as conditions such as porosity, under cut etc.

Macro Testing

(CCT) Cyclical Corrosion Test

Our fully programmable CCT machine subjects the part to various conditions such as climate and saline solutions to simulate real-world corrosion failures at an accelerated rate.  This test allows us to test the effectiveness of Electrostatic coatings on our products.

Quality Assurance 6


Subjects the part to various stresses to measure tension and compression conditions.

Quality Assurance 3

Faro Arm

A mobile 3D laser measurement technology used to evaluate dimensional condition in product as well as production equipment such as welding jigs.



deltronicShadow Graphs and Keyence Vision System

Allows us to evaluate profiles on small parts such as radius, line, angle, circles etc.
We take pride in producing product at a high level of quality to meet or exceed our Customer Standards and targets as well as working to continuously improve for the future.


Our Manufacturing Capabilities

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