Community Involvement


Community Involvement

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Community Involvement - DYNA-MIG

DYNA-MIG is an active member in our local community. We sponsor charities such as The United Way and The Stratford House of Blessing. We also support the 3rd Stratford Scouts & Venture Scouts and in the past have participated in the Stratford Dragon Boat races which support the Stratford Rotary Club.

DYNA-MIG has taken an active role progressively improving our impact on the environment. We are committed to a clean, healthy environment. We produce quality welded, painted and assembled automotive products in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. We believe that a safe and environmentally friendly policy contributes to our competitive strength, and benefits our Associates, as well as the communities we serve.

United Way

DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. has made a strong effort to give back to the community in which it is based. We have chosen to support the United Way as our main charity since the United Way in turn supports nearly 50 agencies, projects and programs across Perth and Huron counties. Over the years numerous DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. members have been touched by least one of the services funded by United Way. Since 2000 the Associates and the DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. Corporation together have been able to donate over $190,000.00 to United Way Perth-Huron.

“DYNA-MIG has been a valued partner of United Way Perth-Huron since 1999. Your dedication and hard work have kept DYNA-MIG in the top ranks of the 300+ workplaces that support our community through United Way. From 1999 until our recently completed 2014 campaign, DYNA-MIG has raised $255,000. Take pride in this incredible achievement and in the impact that your longstanding support has had in our community! We look forward to partnering with you again in 2015 and hopefully for many years to come.”

– Ryan Erb, Executive Director of United Way Perth-Huron
With the help of companies like DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc., the United Way Perth-Huron improves lives and builds strong local communities by bringing change where it is needed most. In our work we lead in many ways – as a funder, partner, incubator, shared service provider, convenor, advocate and researcher. In these ways United Way helps Kids Be all they Can Be; brings people from Poverty to Possibility and builds Strong Communities.united_way_logo_transparent

Stratford House of Blessing

DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. makes an annual Company Christmas donation to the Stratford House of Blessing.
As well the DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. Social Committee hosts food drives and also donates money from our associates.
The Stratford House of Blessing support local families in need with food, clothing, furniture, and council when needed. of Blessing Stratford Logo

Stratford Scouting Group

DYNA-MIG and Stratford Scouting Group located in Stratford, Ontario, DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. has partnered up with 3rd Stratford Scouts & Venturer Scouts since spring 2011 for the annual planting of stock coniferous & deciduous trees purchased from our local Conservation Authority tree program.

This continuing partnership has now planted 140 large stock trees to vitalize and improve the habitat in the Industrial retention pond area. Along with the habitat development the Scouts & Venturer Scouts also completed a waste clean-up around the retention pond & tree area.

Tree Planting - Stratford Scouting Group - Dyna MigThe trees planted help reduce CO2, reduce erosion of the pond’s banks, provides habitat and cover for the local wild birds. Many wild ducks and Canada geese nest in the ponds and this enhance the area for those uses, while not impacting our use of the lands.
To thank the Scouts & Venturer Scouts for planting the trees and yard clean-up, DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. donated funds to the group, which will be used towards summer camps.


This remarkable program utilizes modest resources and produces benefits for the local environment. New for 2015 – Scouts will be building Blue Bird Houses and Bat Houses to go around our pond to encourage habitat development


Tree Planting Group - Stratford Scouting Group - Dyna Mig

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