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DYNA-MIG is a Division of F&P Mfg. Inc. The facility is located in a culturally diverse, heavily regulated region, in Stratford, Ontario. DYNA-MIG converts raw materials into automotive parts through the cold forging, welding, assembly and painting of products. The activities include the control and treatment of wastewater, oil separation, scrubbing of emitted air, recirculation of weld water and recycling of materials.

DYNA-MIG is committed to a clean, healthy environment. We believe that a sound environmental policy contributes to our competitive strength, and benefits our Associates, as well as the communities we serve. Our policy defines:


DYNA-MIG is committed to fulfill its compliance obligations, including relevant legislation and regulations and other requirements that relate to our aspects.


DYNA-MIG is committed to protection of the environment through pollution prevention, resource conservation and climate change mitigation, by establishing and meeting environmental objectives and targets in:

  • Improving energy usage,
  • Reducing CO2 emissions to the environment

Continual Improvement

DYNA-MIG is committed to improve the effectiveness of our Environmental Management System, and enhance our environmental performance, through the ongoing review and updating of our environmental objectives, actions and activities.


DYNA-MIG communicates the commitments inits environmental policy and relevant significant aspects to all persons working for or on the behalf of the organization.

DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc.
275 Wright Blvd. P.O. Box 1123 Stratford, ON N5A 7Y1 Canada
Phone: (519) 272-2188 Fax: (519) 272-0180 Email: info@dynamig.com